Commercials I’m Loving: “Chase Freedom – Bob & Weave”


I haven’t done a “commercials I’m loving” post in forever because quite frankly BASM business is booming and I literally don’t have time to manage regular business and indulge on fun posts too! I know kind of a bummer. But this commercial is cracking me up and I HAVE to post about it – and it’s right on time considering how banks are getting a tad bit out of control with their creative fees, etc. right now. We have a commercial from Chase Freedom promoting the fact that their Chase Freedom card offers 1% cash back versus the competitor which only offers up to a quarter back.

But what makes this commercial awesome is the Chase rep’s final line. “Bob & weave” along with his “bob & weave” pantomiming keeps me laughing every time I see this ad on TV!!


5 Comments to “Commercials I’m Loving: “Chase Freedom – Bob & Weave””

  1. My daughter cracks up at this commercial. She kept telling me about it, so I Googled it. Love it!! “Better bob and weave once you’re in there.”

  2. Great post. On a whim, I Googled “Bob and Weave”, and landed here. Proves you can find almost anything on the web. I have to laugh at the last line myself. It’s funny no matter how many times I look at it.

  3. I totally agree with your reaction! I’ve had the same reaction to this commercial so many times and all because off the last line and his accompanying little dance that I had to look it up to see who else felt the same way.

  4. Its been on for awhile but it still cracks me up!

  5. I love this too. And his other TV spots. But I just saw him tonight in a role on White Collar…not sure how I feel about our guy on a TV show, but good for him.

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