About BASM

Who We Are:

Big Apple Style Marketing is a digital marketing firm that primarily focuses on marketing, promoting, distributing and monetizing our client’s original entertainment content and fashion lines. We work with independent artists, fashion designers, small to medium sized record labels, and film and television prodcuers. We strive to lift our clients content and brand from obscurity and bring them to the forefront of the consumer’s attention. Big Apple Style Marketing believes that everyone’s network should contain at least one or two “golden nuggets” or prized contacts that can take our client’s business to the next level. It is our belief that if your network cannot provide you with at least this kind of promise, you are networking with the wrong individuals.

Our Goals:

At Big Apple Style Marketing, we have two major long term goals. We want to help our clients be as competitive as possible by giving them an equal footing with major labels and production houses. Additionally, a long term goal at Big Apple Style Marketing is to bridge the gap between the entertainment industries in the East and West. True lovers of entertainment know that a country’s border is not the limit of all music, film, television or fashion content that is actually available to them. In fact, there’s a wealth of highly quality content from around the world, but most people just aren’t exposed to it. Even more, the average consumer would be excited to watch or hear content from another region, only they don’t know how to access it. Big Apple Style Marketing aims to bridge this gap by utilizing its international partnerships to break down the barriers that prevent artists and other content producers from gaining recognition outside of their home region.

What We Do:

We believe in having a real relationship with clients and our partners. Large agencies may have great connections but they often rank their clients by relevance. Smaller clients are often relegated to the lowest level or priority. Even worse, some agencies don’t have a true personal relationship with all of the platforms they utilize. Big Apple Style Marketing is a small agency because we want to have a personalized relationship with all of the clients and partners who we work with. We know everyone by name and can directly contact all of them.

By creating strategic relationships with Fortune 500 firms and independent but equally aggressive companies in the international content distribution platform landscape, we help to position your brand and entertainment content into a competitive position against established major labels and entertainment content firms. All of our efforts are focused towards Internet, mobile and television placements. We understand on a national and global level that the mobile arena is already very strong overseas, and we intend to hone in on this. The following is a list of services that we perform. Please note that this list is not comprehensive:

  • Brand Development
  • Copy Writing (Bios & EPK Development & Maintenance)
  • Entertainment Content Placement (audio or video) on Internet, Television & Mobile Platforms
  • Music, Television & Film Licensing
  • Google Ranking
  • Convention/Panel/Special Event Bookings
  • Website & Content Monetization

What We Do NOT Do:

  • We are not a social media company that promises 20,000 Twitter, Facebook or Myspace followers in less than a month. There is no value in this if those followers are not genuinely interested in your product, service or music.
  • We do not randomly promote your brand on every social network in hopes of a “something will stick” result. Your brand needs to be aligned with the correct demographic. So, we research to ensure that every placement we generate actually correlates positively with your goals. For us, social networks are a great compliment to a strong marketing campaign, not it’s core.
  • We do not believe in batch and blast mailings or social page postings. Big Apple Style Marketing understands that correspondence with consumers is a privilege – not a right. Entry into a consumer’s inbox should be treated with respect and should be relevant. Again, we believe in quality over quantity; a large mailing list is useless if those recipients are not genuinely interested in your brand.

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